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60 lb Ohio River Blue Catfish
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The Search for Trophy Catfish Continues...
My name is Shane Williams.  My son (Evan) and I enjoy pursuing blue and flathead catfish on the Mississippi River.  We do also like to fish the Tennessee and Ohio rivers, as well as KY Lake.  This website is a way of organizing pictures, stories and being able to share information with those interested in catfishing.
  1. 36 lb Mississippi River Flathead Catfish
  2. 50 lb Blue Catfish
  3. 70 lb Blue Catfish
  4. 72 lb Blue catfish
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Recent Catches

Below are some of our more recent catfishing adventures!
30 lb Blue catfish
30 lb Ohio River Blue Cat

November 11, 2017

Evan and I got out for a couple hours this past Saturday.  The river was 12 feet higher than the last time we were out.  The current was ripping!  We ended up anchoring in a couple spots, as drifting didn't seem reasonable.  Even then, it was hard to stay anchored.  We managed to catch this nice 30 lber.
  1. 50 lb Blue Catfish on the Ohio River
    Another 50 lb Blue catfish
  2. 50 lb Blue
    50lb Blue Cat
September 15, 2017 -- Evan and I went out for another afternoon fishing trip.  This time I got to catch a 50 lb Blue cat.  We were suspend drifing on the Ohio river.  It was a little warm out but fortunately the fishing was pretty hot also!
  1. 50 lb Ohio River Blue Catfish
    50 lb Blue catfish
  2. 50 lb Ohio River Blue
    50lb Blue Cat
September 8, 2017 -- Evan and I went out for an afternoon drift fishing trip.  Sometimes everything falls together nicely.  He hooked up with a beautiful 50 lb Blue cat.
  1. 50 lb Blue Catfish
    50 lb Blue catfish
  2. A Pair of 15 lb Blue catfish
    A 14 and a 15 lber
  3. Ken with a 14 lb Blue catfish
    Ken with a 14 lb Blue Cat
August 19, 2017 -- Had a great day with Ken Harbin.  Evan wasn't feeling well, so he stayed in.  Ken and I caught 13 fish total.  The top 5 weighed 102 lbs, which included this 50 lb Blue Catfish at the end of the day!  Another highlight of the trip was the triple that we had within the first 15 minutes of our fishing.  Two 14 lbs and a 15 at the same time.  All blue cats.  It was a frantic time!
  1. 25 lb Ohio River Blue Catfish
  2. 17 lb Ohio River Blue Catfish
August 5, 2017 - Another great morning with Evan on the Ohio River. We caught 5 blue cats: 7, 8, 12, 17 and 25 lbs. With the mid 50's temps this morning, it was quite comfortable out.